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  • Charles Scully

To the Tip and Beyond!!!!

Did you know that all the rubbish that we collect that can't be recycled is sent to the CERC (Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre) and is pronounced Kirk, as in Captain Kirk. The CERC can hold 7500 tons of waste at any one time as the picture below shows.

Zero to Landfill

This rubbish is picked up and placed into the furnace were is it burnt at 950 degrees celsius. The heat produced, heats water to steam, the steam turns the turbines that produces the electricity that is sold to the National Grid. Zero Emissions into the environment and this is proactively monitored by the Environment Agency

Your waste is in the roads!!!!!!

From every ton of rubbish that is burnt, about 1/4 of turns to ash. The ash is sifted and any metals collected is sold on for recycling. The remain ash is then used as a base aggregate that is used as a base layer for new roads. Everything is recycled.

This ash is the base aggregate for new roads!!!!!! Zero to landfill.

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