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Green Energy Turbines

Our Pledge to the Environment and Sustainability 

At Cornwall Waste Care we’re committed to protecting the environment, and only using sustainable measures in everything we do. 

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What Happens to Our Waste?

None of our waste goes to landfill - everything we can recycle, we do. Everything that can’t be recycled, we take to the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre (CERC, pronounced like “Captain Kirk”). 

CERC recovers energy from waste and recycling, reducing the need for landfills in the country and generating energy, reducing the need for fossil fuels. In 2022, CERC generated 20 megawatts of energy from the refuse brought in, enough to power 21,000 homes.


All emissions from CERC go through a multi-stage cleaning process, protecting the air from harmful pollutants.

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Our Trucks

Until electric trucks allow us to cover all of Cornwall, our fleet is run on fossil fuels. Always trying to ensure the most from the environment, however, we only fuel our fleet at Shell petrol stations, which plant trees to offset the carbon used. 

In 2022, we offset 120 tonnes of carbon emissions by using Shell fuels, and we will continue to do everything possible to help reduce our annual Co2 output.

Environment Agency License

Cornwall Waste Care Ltd has a license from the Environment Agency that allows CWC to be a Upper Tier Carrier and Dealer ( License no: CBDU 266810 ). We also diligently adhere to the Waste Duty of Care Code of Practice.

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