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Tips to reduce waste and increase recycling

Reducing waste and increasing recycling should go hand in hand, finding recyclable alternatives will inherently reduce waste. There are plenty of alternatives and tips that can help you reduce your waste and increase your recycling, with so many materials now able to be recycled. 

The team at Cornwall Waste Care have put together some great ideas to help you reduce your waste and increase your recycling today.

If you need waste collection or recycling in Cornwall, or South and West Devon. Get in touch and find out how Cornwall Waste Care can help you.

Store Food in Reusable and Recyclable Containers

One of the most common and well-known items that can’t be recycled in Cornwall is plastic bags. Used in various ways, with food storage being among the most popular,  storing food in non-recyclable containers has become a bad habit for a wide range of the population. 

By actively trying to change these habits, you can reduce your waste and increase recycling with ease, whilst saving money at the same time. Swapping out sandwich bags and cling film to keep food fresh, for glass tupperware is a fast and easy solution. Built for durability, they can be reused over and over, and recycled if needed. 

Shop at Local Farmer's Markets

By shopping for food locally, not only will you be buying fresh, organic food and supporting local farmers, but you will also be greatly reducing your waste each month. 

By displaying produce fresh, farmers often rely less on plastic packaging, majorly reducing the packaging waste that comes with food brought from supermarkets. 

Buying produce in cardboard containers that can be recycled, or taking your containers and reusable bags to collect your food will both have a massive impact on reducing your waste and increasing your recycling.

Familiarise Yourself with what Can and Can’t be Recycled

What can be recycled is constantly reviewed, with new and updated methods being implemented and different regulations being imposed by different counties

This confusion and lack of consistency can lead to items that could be recycled, being thrown away in general waste, especially by holidaymakers that are not used to local regulations. 

At Cornwall Waste Care, we pride ourselves on disposing of recycling in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Take a look below at what recycling we can collect and dispose of:

  • Cardboard - This includes brown and white cardboard, coloured paper, greeting cards, brown envelopes and any non-shiny wrapping paper.

  • Plastic and Metal Packaging - Make sure you are recycling items such as drink and aerosol cans, food tins, aluminium foil as well as plastic bottles, tubs and trays.

  • Paper - We can recycle newspapers, magazines, brochures, mail, white envelopes, utility bills and shredded paper.

  • Glass and Textiles - Our glass and textiles recycling box can take items from wine and beer bottles to towels, sheets and pillowcases. Not to forget jam jars, makeup pots, perfume bottles, wearable clothes and shoes, belts and bags.

Increase Your Recycling with Cornwall Waste Care

Are you in need of a reliable, efficient recycling disposal service to deal with your recycling needs? Get in touch with our excellent team, and we can provide you with a bespoke quote that meets all of your needs and requests.

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